berlin & us

Berlin with its distinctive character attracts creative people and develops unique trends that set them apart from any other city in the world making it impossible to duplicate.

With my creation MISCHWERK I intend to have a stronger feeling of nature in the metropolitan area as well as to connect with my social environment. The city inspired me to visualise things that I see and things that have happened around me. Berlin offers a plattform to view urban life "in a frame".


The first MISCHWERKE were created in 2008 for the Christmas Market.

In April 2009, I founded berlin in a frame together with my good friend and colleague (Corinna Heer-Echariaa) officially the "Berlin im Rahmen GbR".

After the birth of a child and an journey overseas we worked together on our idea until the end of 2010. Afterwards we split (only) professionally and worked separately on our careers.

My motive collection is only a tiny extraction of the dazzling urbanity of Berlin. The daily life in this city is an inexhaustable source of ideas which makes me creative.
I would like to share my special moments with you and further develop these pieces of art.