preview 2013

Ruhrgebiet in a frame


2nd special graffiti-edition

I have already participated in an exciting project on 25 May 2013:
The second "Canvas City" Graffiti Convention in Duisburg -

On this occasion, I have accompanied the sprayers with camera and,
as artists themselves, they will become part of a new conceptual art work project,
the special "Ruhrgebiet in a frame"-edition!

All created artworks from this event (graffitis on canvas and "Ruhrgebiet in a frame")
will be presented in an exhibition and everything can be purchased on site.
All proceeds will be used for charitable intentions.

Co-Organiser and also talented, professional graffiti artist is Marten Dalimot.
Please see for yourself and find about his own creative work under the following link:

Logo Mindstates

I will publish the exhibition date on this page as soon as possible!

Here are a few impressions:

Duisburg 1 Duisburg 2 Duisburg 3


Berlin in a frame exhibitors 2013:

"DAS SCHWARZE GLAS" Wine Shop & Seminars Jonasstr. 33, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln



Still on: Cape Town Framed

South Africa has been host to the 2010 Soccer World Cup, and the country was experiencing an exciting and energetic pulse from kick-off to the finals. Living in Cape Town known as the Mother City, with its rich culture and diversity has its very own unique stories to tell and got us started on a special new projectcalled Cape Town Framed. All historically heavy Cape Town artworks can be ordered online. These artworks will give the City of Cape Town, its people and places a voice and a face that former visitors or South Africans overseas alike can take home.

We are personally very curious to finally see the combination of our photographs and historical research material put together with the beautiful patterns and colours of South African themed fabrics.

A project that will hopefully excite you as much as it excites us. Take a first glance below:

districtsix reload touristbus highway